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Keeping Your Business Safe

Since 1989, CompuFlex Security has installed and serviced businesses in Western New York with state-of-the-art:


– Addressable

– Remote Management

– Climate Control


Security Access

– Time Control

– Logging Auto-tracking

– Batch ID Management


– Flexibility

– Panic Buttons

– Multi User Access


– Remote Management

– Viewing/Look Back

– High Definition Video Quality

Our team will design, install and maintain a keyless access system providing employee safety while shielding business owners from internal and external losses in addition to reducing time and costs involved with re-keying locks.

Your business’ access control system, entries and exits are allowed by entering a code, swiping a magnetically striped card through a reader, or passing a badge near a proximity reader. All activity is electronically recorded by a stand alone program, via PC or integrated on your network.

Before installing your business’ solution, CompuFlex carefully plans with you exactly the systems required to meet specifications. Whether your business is looking to install new solutions, or quoting for a replacement to an existing solution, CompuFlex engineers will meet with you on-site to review plans/existing set-up to provide you with a competitive estimate for your business.


Our appointments are flexible around your schedule. Call us today for a free quote!