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Questions and Answers for You

Q. How much does a system cost?
CompuFlex reviews your current installation or new installation plan with you to ensure you have a layout and services that match your expectations. Your consultation is free.

Q. What alarm systems do you offer?

  • Intrusion protection (doors, windows, motion detection, glass break detection)
  • Life Safety (smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, medical alert)
  • Environmental protection (sump pump, water level, furnace failure, generator running)
  • Surveillance (video monitoring)
  • Security Access (badge cards allowing access through certain building areas)

In any of the events listed above, the authorities can be notified immediately.

Q. Can I operate my alarm and stay inside my home?
Your security system can operate at two settings, HOME and AWAY. Additionally, the system can be set to ensure your pets are protected and they will not set off the alarm.

Q. How do I know the burglar alarm is activated?

CompuFlex can install burglar deterrents such as a siren. You may also select a silent alarm as well.

Q. What happens to my alarm when we lose power?
Your system is installed with a battery backup to ensure your alarm operates continuously for 72 hours when power fails.

Q. Do security systems help lower insurance premiums?  
On average an insurance company may consider a discount of 8-20%. Please contact your insurance company directly for more information.

Q. How easy is the system to be used by children?
A child can simply arm the premises by entering one button. To disarm, a child presses in a 4-digit code and may use a key fob.