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Customer Referrals

Why Choose CompuFlex?

“From the first time meeting with Michael from CompuFlex our family felt at ease. Other appointments with security companies seemed like we were encouraged to purchase more than we needed. Michael listened to our concerns and provided us with a reasonable quote and timeframe for installation. We are pleased with the service and support we receive from CompuFlex, we made the right choice.

  – Margaret K.

“CompuFlex is our vendor of choice for security and monitoring at our six business locations. The engineers meet with our site managers to ensure a plan is in place and the installations are completed smoothly and on time. We recommend any business to contact CompuFlex for an appointment and site review.

  – Tom A.

“I often travel for work and my pets and valuables are protected by CompuFlex. I monitor the premises by remote surveillance and always feel confident and ensured that what’s most important to me is under watch by CompuFlex. I honestly feel that CompuFlex really cares about what’s happening at my home. After several years of service, Michael and his team truly have my back while I’m out of town.”

  – Rebeccah S.

“Not only does CompuFlex have my business armed with surveillance, fire and other applications, CompuFlex also installed all my security back at my house. I trust them with everything that’s important to me and my family. Our past and future are in their hands.”

  – George P.